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quote of the day

May 17, 2016

“So if you’re getting an itchy feeling between your shoulderblades when you contemplate your child’s hyper-sexualized reading list and gender-bending sex education curriculum, you need not fear that you have turned into a repressed, homophobic Victorian. Instead, there’s an excellent chance that you are someone with a deep respect for individual freedom who resents the Leftists’ efforts to co-opt your child’s body as a necessary sacrifice to the State.”

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Quote of the day

June 5, 2013

“When you see a government acting as if taxpayer concerns are a joke and a devotion to limited government is cast as something between illegitimate dissent and paranoid dementia, hearing the head of that government exhort the citizenry to shut up and fall in line is nothing short of infuriating.”

Jonah Goldberg, “The Hollow Core of Obamaism