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how low can they go?

May 10, 2017

Anecdotes are all the rage for proving a point (see Jimmy Kimmel on healthcare), unless they prove the opposite point the leftists want to advance, in which case they’re ridiculous. Leftists find it funny when their political opponents are being treated for cancer.


Quote of the day

November 25, 2016

[Progressives] believe they have won the culture wars, that there is no room left for dissent on matters like gay marriage, abortion, and transgender entitlements. They believe, too, that questions of public policy, from health care to entitlements and welfare, have been settled once and for all. Any remaining dissenters should feel the full weight of the administrative state, with all its powerful mechanisms.

John Daniel Davidson

Leftists who decry racism making racist pronouncements

March 9, 2016

You might be a racist if you have set yourself as the arbiter of what constitutes membership in a race on the basis of your own political point of view.