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when feminism fails women

May 11, 2017

For whatever reason, western feminism has chosen to give Islam the privilege of being exempt from critique for its treatment of women. Women who are released from ISIS controlled areas remove their coverings emphatically; western leaders suggest western women veil themselves in solidarity with Islam.

Feminism in the West condemns much of western culture as rape culture, but passes over issues like honor killing and female genital mutilation (FGM) when occurring in Muslim societies and sub-cultures.

As is so often the case when this sort of social justice effort sets the terms of discussion, the result is great harm to individuals who might otherwise have been protected. Recently it has come out that FGM has been practiced in the United States. The physicians being arrested are from Muslim backgrounds, and their attorneys have stated they are being persecuted for religious reasons.

Yet western apologists for Islam attempt to deny any correlation. This has become the bailiwick of Reza Aslan, who has claimed FGM is related to Central African cultures, not Islam. However, as Dr. Oliver Curry has shown, there is a substantial correlation between FGM and Islam in a way that does not exist between FGM and Christianity. Addressing Aslan’s claim that FGM is a function of Central Africa rather than Islam, Dr. Curry writes what must be a phrase highly correlated with reality, “So Aslan is wrong.”



on false equivalence of Islam and American Conservatism

June 14, 2016

This is an important observation:

Progressive ideologues go out of their way to equate Christian theology with Islamic extremism. I may not agree with the GOP party platform on LGBT issues, but comparing religious Christians or Republicans to ISIS, al-Qaeda or the mullocracy in Tehran is simply irrational hate speech.

Quote of the day

June 13, 2016

Michael Graham in the Washington Examiner:

You may say Trump’s comments are crazy, but how is “ban all Muslims” any more crazy than “Muslims have no connection whatsoever to terrorism?” It’s not. And if you give voters the choice of two crazies, they’ll take “the one less likely to get me killed at an Orlando nightclub.”