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How cynical am I?

October 10, 2013

I suspect that in the United States, the effects of the results of a recent study in Canada will be to penalize the children of married, opposite-gender parents.

So the study is able to compare—side by side—the young-adult children of same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples, as well as children growing up in single-parent homes and other types of households. Three key findings stood out to Allen:

children of married opposite-sex families have a high graduation rate compared to the others; children of lesbian families have a very low graduation rate compared to the others; and the other four types [common law, gay, single mother, single father] are similar to each other and lie in between the married/lesbian extremes.

Chambers v. God thrown out

October 15, 2008

 It looks like we’re back to the drawing board on arguments with and/or about God. Actually I thought the question had been decided several years ago.

State Senator Ernie Chambers’s lawsuit against God has been thrown out. Chambers is an atheist, actually, but claims to have wanted to make a point about whether it’s a good idea to limit lawsuits. As seems to be the case a lot with Chambers, what point he was trying to make is unclear. It sounds like he wants to defend against limiting frivolous lawsuits. Did he expect to make that point by filing one against someone he doesn’t believe exists?

What has been clarified is how Nebraska wound up with its massive fail of a law to protect children, which has only created a scenario where troubled parents have dropped off close to 20 minors, only one of whom is under the age of 1 year. That’s how the Nebraska State Senate has protected children, by making sure its obvious to them that they’re being rejected as unwanted.

Nebraska’s ‘Safe Haven’ law

October 14, 2008

A big story here in Omaha is the way the recently implemented “safe haven” law is being used by parents/guardians to drop off teenagers. This shows how ridiculously out of control our national mood is, where an increasingly common assumption of the populace is that the government’s role is to take responsibility for problems I don’t want to address myself. After 40 years of Great Society programs, multiplying and expanding government social welfare agencies at every level, we still have people avoiding real help and solutions provided by these agencies, preferring instead to anonymously drop off problem kids because the government won’t hold them accountable. It’s pathetic.

The local news station is proposing an ad campaign to illustrate just how ridiculous this is: