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on obfuscating nonsense

May 15, 2017

One of the worst things being perpetrated in this country today is the hysteria around alleged sexual danger posed to women on college campuses, under the moniker “rape culture” and directed against Western civilization and heterosexual white males.

Part of what makes it so disheartening is the way it distracts, as social justice efforts so often do, from genuine victims, such as the girl and family highlighted in this case out of Chicago.


on Trump and tactics

March 16, 2016

Damon Linker explains in some detail the observation that occurred to me over the weekend after the rally for Trump was canceled in Chicago. This paragraph was particularly notable:

And why are people cheering on such behavior on social media?

Mostly, I suspect, because they are primarily concerned about their own moral stature — about staking out a position of political purity, about taking a dramatic and bold public stand against racism and the rise of a distinctively American form of fascism in our midst. Because they desperately want to do something to stop Trump and what he represents.

I might cavil at some parts of his diagnosis, but the compulsion to signal one’s virtue, even by violating other crucial virtues, is an intriguing characteristic of the social media spirit.

A Trump “win-win”

March 11, 2016

Actually, a “heads I win, tails you lose” event, I think happened today, when a planned rally for Donald Trump in Chicago was cancelled due to security concerns. If the event had happened, well and good for Donald Trump, as he continues making his case, whatever he thinks it is, to another group, this one in Chicago.

But it landed tails, and protestors and agitation led to the event being cancelled, and a lot of coverage of the exact kind of disruption that Trump supporters expect and associate with the politically correct Leftist elitists, the kind of thing that Trump supporters despise with a cold fury, that Trump supporters believe any official representative of the GOP would fail to resist. Without having to say a word, explain an idea, or understand a policy issue, Trump wins big with his supporters.

The sweet, rich taste of hypocrisy

August 14, 2014

The head of the Chicago teachers union regularly condemns the rich, while at the same time having over $200,000 in annual income and owning three houses, two of which would have to be considered vacation houses: one in Michigan and one in Hawaii. She claims she doesn’t live extravagantly, while taking annual vacations in Hawaii. But she’s totally middle class, and definitely understands the problems of the poor in a way Rahm Emmanuel, current Mayor of Chicago, doesn’t. Unbelievable.

Read the whole thing in the Chicago Sun-Times.