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on white people in America

November 21, 2016

A blind spot in the current discourse on systemic injustice is the way those who are not categorized as “people of color” are treated as a class. What I mean to say is, in the rush to dismantle systemic racial injustice, a new system of injustice is being created.

The new “Other” toward which bigoted injustice is being promoted is, roughly, that class of people who don’t measure up to the the cosmopolitan ideal current at the top of our societal institutions, i.e., Codevilla’s “Ruling Class”. Although only the white portion of that group can be openly condemned (See this essay by Brendan O’Neill for an important description of the problem.), it would have to include that portion of people from any race who aren’t on-board with the ruling class agenda. It’s an flaw in the social justice program that precludes any actual progress toward justice.