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on leftists, justice, and the state

September 22, 2017

Civil asset forfeiture has become a crazy situation. I get the potential for crippling organized crime syndicates, and I’m warm to that idea. But what in the world are law enforcement officers thinking when they abuse citizens because they can? This case of the man from Kentucky having his truck seized by Customs agents may be the nail in the coffin of what might have been a useful tool but one that can’t be trusted in the hands of totalitarian minded LEOs.

And it’s this very dynamic that baffles me when I hear Leftists propose that the only way to bring about social justice is giving more authority to the State at all levels to compel citizens to behave in specific, “just” ways in their religious, commercial, and a private lives. Civil asset forfeiture abuse should make it obvious how that’s going to work out.

Democrat party malfeasance

September 14, 2017

Anytime someone on the Left claims that extremists on the Left are the fringe, while extremists on the Right are part of the mainstream of the GOP, ask them about this from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, about as official as it can get:


h/t Powerlineblog

on Progressive hypocrisy

June 7, 2017

Victor Davis Hanson, writing in the National Review, gives an expansive description of a key problem for the Left in power, the hypocrisy of their lifestyle in contrast to their rhetoric. I almost feel bad for the reputation of Jimmy Swaggart, except he is a wonderful analogy for what Hanson points out.

on obfuscating nonsense

May 15, 2017

One of the worst things being perpetrated in this country today is the hysteria around alleged sexual danger posed to women on college campuses, under the moniker “rape culture” and directed against Western civilization and heterosexual white males.

Part of what makes it so disheartening is the way it distracts, as social justice efforts so often do, from genuine victims, such as the girl and family highlighted in this case out of Chicago.

on hypocrisy

May 11, 2017

Thousands of leftists hang on every sketch John Oliver produces, waiting to repost a clip of whatever burn he’s put on his target of the week, celebrating the blow they can strike for righteous anger and promoting goodness by taking down rich, powerful oppressors. Advertisers pay his network a lot of money, which enables his network to pay him a lot of money, which he is using in exactly the way his targets do, for exactly the same purposes. I wonder if it bothers him late at night.

when feminism fails women

May 11, 2017

For whatever reason, western feminism has chosen to give Islam the privilege of being exempt from critique for its treatment of women. Women who are released from ISIS controlled areas remove their coverings emphatically; western leaders suggest western women veil themselves in solidarity with Islam.

Feminism in the West condemns much of western culture as rape culture, but passes over issues like honor killing and female genital mutilation (FGM) when occurring in Muslim societies and sub-cultures.

As is so often the case when this sort of social justice effort sets the terms of discussion, the result is great harm to individuals who might otherwise have been protected. Recently it has come out that FGM has been practiced in the United States. The physicians being arrested are from Muslim backgrounds, and their attorneys have stated they are being persecuted for religious reasons.

Yet western apologists for Islam attempt to deny any correlation. This has become the bailiwick of Reza Aslan, who has claimed FGM is related to Central African cultures, not Islam. However, as Dr. Oliver Curry has shown, there is a substantial correlation between FGM and Islam in a way that does not exist between FGM and Christianity. Addressing Aslan’s claim that FGM is a function of Central Africa rather than Islam, Dr. Curry writes what must be a phrase highly correlated with reality, “So Aslan is wrong.”


on progressive policies

April 20, 2017

“But this study puts the appeal of superficially progressive measures like the minimum wage hike among the wealthy into sharp relief: It will help clear out the restaurant scene of establishments they don’t want to go to while taking jobs away from people they don’t know.”

The notion that there is some sort of moral imperative for increasing the minimum wage, as if it will improve the lot of the less fortunate, continues to fail the test of actual benefit to the people it intends to help. As the effects in San Francisco on the restaurant industry indicate, choices for less wealthy people are reduced, and opportunities for less established workers are more rare, while the wealthy and established remain unaffected.

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on the left’s withdrawal from reality

December 14, 2016

Quote of the day:

“We are a country based on laws,” a horrified Clinton said. “And we’ve had hot, contested elections going back to the very beginning, but one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our elections.”

Unless, of course, reality doesn’t turn out as expected, and a mind palace must be created, a place so lovely that some never leave and lock the gates from the inside.

John Kass

on illiberalism from the left

December 8, 2016

Will Donald Trump’s presidency bring about the end of liberty and freedom in the United States? I doubt it, but that seems to be a fear of some in light of their understanding of his campaign. Is this a new and unique concern? David French suggests that in fact it brings to light the fear of some in light of their understanding of the last decade or so of federal government actions.

The tragedy of Trump is that his voters ultimately chose to fight illiberalism with their own strongman. I wish they’d chosen to fight illiberalism with constitutionalism, but a constitutional restoration will have to wait until another day (if ever). In the meantime, however, we can’t pretend that Trump’s supporters weren’t reacting to illiberalism that was very real,  very serious, and profoundly affected many American lives.

David French

on leftwing hatred

December 4, 2016

It was observed frequently during the campaign that the progressive strategy of dismissing every dissent from its ideology, even mild representations like the Tea Party and Mitt Romney, as virulently evil racists had made it inevitable that the next iteration of dissent would be something rather less genteel. Thus Donald Trump, President-Elect of the United States.

This is a long piece, perhaps longer than it needs to be, but it covers a significant issue quite well, that being the role of hard-line social justice ideology in the election of Donald Trump. It could provide a Quote of the Day for at least a week. Here’s a sample:

The monster of Trumpism is in large measure a monster created by the social justice ideology and identity politics of the progressive left. The more that a demonizing and merciless ideological narrative is used as a weapon against particular demographics, the more that they will resist it. The social justice narrative calls for white people, and men in particular, to assume a crippling guilt, to be the scapegoats for America. Trump’s movement is exactly the sort of resistance that such a narrative will provoke.

White people and men refused the narrative. For all of the progressive left’s insistence upon the evilness of America on account of straight white Christian men, Trump’s movement is founded in large measure upon the counter-claim that, for all of its undeniable faults, the nation of America was once great, and it was predominantly white Christian men who made it great.

Trump is a shameless and guilt-free candidate. This is exactly the sort of candidate who will thrive in the current context. As Michael Story has observed, the progressive left so radically overused the necessary antibiotics of shame and guilt that they produced a shame and guilt resistant candidate and movement. When people appreciate that guilt and shame have been weaponized to force them into cultural dhimmitude, they will start to celebrate shamelessness and guilt-freeness.