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single payer health systems

September 19, 2017

Apparently the Democrats are going to push all out for government controlled health insurance. Healthcare is a right in their view. To the situation in the UK, where this summer it was revealed that millions of people can’t get to a general practitioner in less than a week, with more than 11 percent of patients failing to get an appointment at all, I’m sure the advocates in the United States will point out that we’ll get it right, that in the UK they haven’t really been trying single payer.

It’s going to suck.

on socialism and single payer

September 18, 2017

It’s amusing if tiring to read Leftists defend socialism from its failures in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but claiming they’re not actually instances of socialism. We in the United States will get it right.

This summer it was reported in The Telegraph that getting an appointment to see a GP in the UK was getting increasingly difficult. Now it’s being reported that certain joint surgeries are not available to patients who are smokers or are overweight.

In light of the current push by Democrat politicians for single payer in the United States, I fully expect to hear before long that the NHS is not really a single payer system.

on celebrity pronouncements

May 12, 2017

One of the clearest signs of degraded thinking ability in our society today is the weight given to viewpoints solely on the basis of the popularity and fame of the person who holds them. The current illustration is Jimmy Kimmel on healthcare financing. People are reduced to tears and fears that infants will be abandoned to die if the Republican Congress makes changes to Obamacare, simply on the basis that Kimmel told an emotional story about his own son’s health problems at birth, and claimed that the proposed changes in the AHCA would leave newborns like his vulnerable to not receiving care.

His few minutes of a personal anecdote unfortunately affects the thinking of Americans far more than any factual, reasoned, evidence-based discussions of the issues. The worship of celebrities and their feelings about issues makes genuine solutions far harder to achieve, as Philip Klein describes in this column, “Jimmy Kimmel is everything that’s wrong with America’s healthcare debate.

how low can they go?

May 10, 2017

Anecdotes are all the rage for proving a point (see Jimmy Kimmel on healthcare), unless they prove the opposite point the leftists want to advance, in which case they’re ridiculous. Leftists find it funny when their political opponents are being treated for cancer.

The double-edge sword of irony

April 1, 2011

One has to have compassion for the woman’s family, which makes highlighting a story like this difficult. Still, unless one also has no compassion for the tens of thousands of families who encounter the same frustration under highly regulated and limited government health care financing schemes, to ignore it is equally senseless.

GOP health care reform efforts

March 3, 2010

A standard line these days is that the GOP doesn’t care about the problems with health care, and the prime evidence is that they didn’t do anything about it during their 12 years in control of Congress or 6 years with both Congress and the Presidency. I’ve had that thought and regret.

Ramesh Ponneru at the Corner noted a couple of problems with that notion. First, with the GOP in charge of Congress came the institution of HSA’s, the CHIP program, and new rules for insurance portability. These are pretty important items. The drug benefit has to go here as well. Granted, these are not necessarily things conservatives are excited about, but they fundamentally dismantle the claim that the GOP has done nothing to address the issues related to health care accessibility.

The second problem is that GOP proposals were blocked by Democrats when they didn’t support them. Which is fine. What needs to be accepted is that this is what a political caucus is designed to do, even the GOP caucus, and the story needs to be on the substance, not on rhetoric that falsely distorts how normal political opposition is portrayed.

Health care rope-a-dope?

March 3, 2010

Apparently today the latest iteration of comprehensive health care reform will be advanced by President Obama. It reportedly will have GOP ideas included, such as expanding HSA’s. The plan to study tort reform doesn’t seem like a GOP idea, of course, since the conservative idea is to protect medical providers from unjust legal liability lawsuits, which would lower their costs both by the reduction in malpractice insurance premiums and the reduction of protective medical procedures.

Chances are the effort will be to say that this is the essence of bipartisan cooperation on the part of the President and the leaders in Congress. When the GOP doesn’t go along (assuming they don’t), it will go immediately into the narrative that they won’t support even their own ideas when proposed by this President.

The point should be that from a conservative POV he’s just put window dressing on the government takeover of health care financing and delivery bill. But there may well be some who value the appearance of working together over the substance of the bill, and that group may be enough to push this thing over.