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Unintended consequences – regulation

March 12, 2016

Senator Ben Sasse, the Oracle of Nebraska, has demonstrated a pretty solid grasp of fundamental issues. I hope he can communicate them well to a large audience, who need to learn to focus on actual outcomes rather than stated intentions. Here he shows why vulnerable people are most harmed by the regulatory administrative state that has grown up in this country.

Quote of the day

October 13, 2013

What is good for the poor? I think that the evidence of the last fifty years is clear enough, so that we can say that we know the following: The most effective method of reducing poverty is economic growth. The economic system most likely to generate growth is capitalism. By way of contrast, socialism is ineffective in generating growth, and most likely to produce equality in poverty for most people and wealth for a small elite (the nomenklatura of the Soviet Union and other socialist regimes).

Peter Berger

I think we can say that wealth for a small elite has been the effect of U.S. federal policy for some time now.

Al Gore sells himself

January 3, 2013

I stopped paying attention to Al Gore 10 years ago, and by the ratings his network has gotten, apparently most of the rest of the country did as well. But now I think those who have felt some obligation to pay attention to him, whether they feel bad about the 2000 election or are committed climate alarmists, can now safely leave him behind. The patron saint of climate alarmism has sold his network to a Middle East news corporation, most of his payout (~$100 million) coming no doubt from oil profits.

On top of that, the article notes he and his partners were anxious to get the deal done in 2012 to avoid higher capital gains taxes that are now in effect. Keep that in mind next time he makes any comment about the 1%, of which he is a member in good standing, paying their fair share.

A thesis for 2012

January 3, 2012

Kevin D. Williamson does a marvelous job of pointing out the depth of the connection between Wall Street and Washington, D. C., and why it’s inimical to the good of the country as a whole.

Given its strength across the party spectrum, it remains a puzzle to me why there is so much support among religious people for increasing the extent, both in breadth and depth, of federal influence in the personal affairs of American citizens. Of all people, those of the book should be particularly concerned about human systems demanding obeisance, especially those with the power to enforce it violently.

Quote of the day

January 2, 2012

“The managed quest for fairness inevitably leads to bureaucratic favoritism, inequalities based on special interests, and undue political influence.”

From this excellent piece by Matthew Spaulding.

Quote of the day

April 9, 2011

Mark Steyn in this column:

“Another ten years of this, and large tracts of America will be Third World. Not Somalia-scale Third World, but certainly the more decrepit parts of Latin America. There will still be men with motorcades, but they’ll have heavier security and the compounds they shuttle between will be more heavily protected. For them and their cronies, the guys plugged in, the guys who still know who to call to figure out a workaround through the bureaucratic sclerosis, life will be manageable, and they’ll still be wondering why you loser schlubs are forever whining about gas prices, and electricity prices, and food prices.”

Big Business cozy with the Democrats

March 17, 2011

This should put to rest the false distinction that claims Republicans are the ones transferring tax money from the working class to the corporate class while Democrats are standing up for taxpayers against the corporations. It won’t, of course, because that claim has always been largely false and widely believed apart from evidence. But it should.