be careful what you wish for

I think it’s important to note that resistance to the Leftist agenda once took a rather different form than what we’re seeing now behind Donald Trump. A lot of people got involved in what were loosely combined as Tea Party groups to voice their displeasure with the encroachment of State power through taxes and regulations. They were despised and demeaned by the arbiters of culture and taste, who wished they would shut up and go back home and be quiet about their concerns. At this point they largely have.

Those cultured despisers of the people populating Tea Party gatherings now find themselves confronting a strain of opposition far less principled and completely unwilling to dialogue and discuss, and rather than a loose collection of concerned groups the opposition is now focused on following a single figure who has hardened opposition and resistance to any rapprochement. It may be a long, hot summer.

I wonder if the Ruling Class might wish they could have the Tea Party back and perhaps genuinely address some of their concerns. The Tea Party was far less partisan and thus would have been far more likely to find ways to work together. Alas.


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