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The year that was

December 31, 2014

2014 has been a fairly ordinary year. The main event was our youngest graduating from high school and starting college. She had a great first semester, and we’ve started to get a handle on life without children in the house consistently. The Christmas holiday has been very pleasant with all the kids at home.

On a personal level, a stand-out feature of the year has to be the elimination of $8000 in credit card debt. A lot of that was an zero-interest until 2015 deal from our bank that we used for some major house repair in 2013. It’s all gone, as well as a few thousand on my wife’s card and a couple of store cards. We’re ending the year with a completely zero balance on cards, even after buying gifts for Christmas. It’s a great feeling.

2015 doesn’t necessarily have to hold any major events like vacations or such. The kids are all in college, we’re both working at jobs we enjoy, and the main itch we both have are some additional maintenance on the house. It would be nice to look back in 12 months on 2015 and see a couple of those big improvements in place. Here’s hoping for peace and progress in the new year.

A morning Christmas gift

December 25, 2014

After several days of overcast sky, and a couple of days of cold sprinkles, this was a nice gift on Christmas.

Christmas sunrise