on liberal media and audiences

There’s nothing surprising about this. Ed Schultz is typical of MSNBC, unapologetically working on behalf of the Leftist agenda as a political cable channel.

What I wonder at is his level of confidence that his audience will not encounter anyone or any source information that exposes him. He must know that his viewers are hermetically sealed from the very easy evidence that what he is telling them is false, and he knows it’s false, and he’s saying it anyway. That is a problem.


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One Response to “on liberal media and audiences”

  1. UsneakydevilU Says:

    They are sneaky devils; but with all the lawyers out there, shouldn’t it be a legal way to sue for misrepresentation of facts. Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews all know their audience are political zombies.

    I have a post similar, http://wp.me/pGAts-6y

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