on Kloppenberg’s recount request

This is brutal, yet it needs to be looked at and considered. She knows a recount is not going to change the results. She knows she will still be shown to have lost by within a handful of 7000 votes. She knows it isn’t close. She knows it’s going to cost the state, meaning the taxpayers, several hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a $1million (the GAB estimate) to conduct a recount that has no meaning.

She doesn’t care, because she is committed to leaving the impression, which she knows is a false impression, that her loss is invalid. Her repetition of the claim that she wants to restore confidence in the process is the opposite of the truth. This performance by a partisan Leftist, who sought a position on the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the express purpose of promoting the special interests of public employee unions, makes absolutely clear the depths to which some will go to undermine free and fair elections for the advancement of their cause.

h/t HotAir


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