Union educators and student achievement

This is a little old, but it’s so significant to what’s going to be discussed over the next several months in many states, it deserves to be highlighted. One of the claims about why teachers in Wisconsin should retain their union privileges is that students do so much better than in a non-unionized education system like Texas. Paul Krugman in the New York Times promoted this claim.

This led to one of the most crushing replies I’ve ever read. It is breathtaking in its elegance.

It needs to be said that the issue is not whether standardized tests accurately evaluate the process of education. In my opinion they are very unreliable guides to the effectiveness of districts, schools, or teachers. However, for the purposes of comparing student achievement in different areas of the country, what Dave Burge has done is far more useful as a comparison of Texas and Wisconsin than what Krugman offered.

There’s a follow-up post here that addresses some questions and issues raised by his first response to Krugman. It is also well worth the time to read.


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