It’s intriguing to read reactions about yesterday’s midterm election, particularly regarding the Senate results. It looks as if the GOP will have six or seven more Senators in the 112th Congress. That’s a significant shift. However, the wave in the House seems to have raised expectations of bigger gains, and symbolic gains such as Nevada and perhaps California. That they were held by the Democrat incumbants seems to be a source of dismay.

It highlights, perhaps, the different dynamics of statewide Senate races and races in House districts. It seems like a lot of candidates associated with the Tea Party won in the House but not in the Senate. There are several factors in each state, I’m sure, but this might be a useful lesson for Tea Party minded activists going into 2012. To overcome a powerful incumbant, even in a state as distressed as Nevada, is going to require a rather personally appealing candidate as well as a candidate articulating a positive conservative agenda.


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