Health care rope-a-dope?

Apparently today the latest iteration of comprehensive health care reform will be advanced by President Obama. It reportedly will have GOP ideas included, such as expanding HSA’s. The plan to study tort reform doesn’t seem like a GOP idea, of course, since the conservative idea is to protect medical providers from unjust legal liability lawsuits, which would lower their costs both by the reduction in malpractice insurance premiums and the reduction of protective medical procedures.

Chances are the effort will be to say that this is the essence of bipartisan cooperation on the part of the President and the leaders in Congress. When the GOP doesn’t go along (assuming they don’t), it will go immediately into the narrative that they won’t support even their own ideas when proposed by this President.

The point should be that from a conservative POV he’s just put window dressing on the government takeover of health care financing and delivery bill. But there may well be some who value the appearance of working together over the substance of the bill, and that group may be enough to push this thing over.


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