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A conservative country

February 27, 2009

Despite the fiasco in Washington, D.C., there are significant signs that the bulk of the country remains basically conservative. It shows up in what the Democrats have to do to try to be elected even in New York. where Republican Jim Tedisco is running against Democrat Scott Murphy in a special election for New York’s 20th District. Notice that the Democrats must appeal to conservative ideas:

“Murphy highlights his business background and boasts that he knows how to create private sector jobs.”

“Democrats . . . label the GOP candidate as a “career politician” due to his long service in the New York State Assembly.”

Government lies unchallenged by the press

February 26, 2009

Vice President Joe Biden told a member of the press that Louisiana is losing jobs at the rate of 400 a day. This is false. He made this false statment in order to discredit Governor Jindal, who presented a response to President Obama’s address to Congress. The establishment press has not taken account of the fact that the Vice President is using false claims to discredit political opponents. It doesn’t seem to bother the press. Why would that be?

Matt Lauer defends Obama and Gibbs

February 26, 2009

On the Today Show this morning Matt Lauer went after Rick Santelli on his statement that Press Secretary Gibbs was threatening him by naming him specifically as not knowing what he was talking about with the mortgage bailout proposal. Lauer was clearly, definitively taking the government’s side.

Why is Matt Lauer defending the government against a member of the media? It use to be the role of media to report on the actions of the powerful and to inform the people about when government actions are likely to have harmful effects. That’s exactly what Mr. Santelli did.

Mr. Lauer’s inability to comprehend how being specifically named by the press secretary is intimidating indicates to me that his sympathies are entirely with the government. So much for speaking truth to power.