Political history

Part of the problem with our electorate, at least the part that’s about to take a flyer on Senator Obama, is a total lack of connection between current events and history. At best it goes back 3 to 4 years. As in the comment made about this election, “the Dems have had 8 years of the Rep. and it is time for a change wether [sic] you guys want it or not.” There’s absolutely no consciousness that what is going on now is related to anything that happened more than a few months ago. Or what is likely to result more than a few months in the future.

The Wall Street banker cited here notes that the current financial breakdown has been building for 10 years, which leads me to believe that the causes go back even further. Even within the past few years, John McCain supported legistlation addressing the very situation that blew up this summer, but Democrats in Congress blocked action. But because George Bush has been President 8 years, it’s time to change to a Democrat.

I suggest that combined with Democrat opposition to addressing the problems we’re facing right now is the fact that George Bush changed from a compassionate conservative, if he ever was one, to a Republican trying to please people by governing like a Democrat. So now we’re going to get the real thing in the name of “change,” and the next 4-8 years in the economic arena are going to be like the last 4, only moreso. John Galt, indeed.


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