Developing thoughts on the new theocracy

I’m using “theocracy” loosely, since the people behind it would largely declaim belief in or adherence to the values of any theology or divinity. It strikes me as looking the same, though, since an attitude of moral superiority will lead to the same effect, a compulsion on the part of the “theocrats” in power to require everyone to adhere to their ideas, regardless of the effects on the non-believers.

Obama’s comment to the plumbing-business owner is an example. He’s morally superior by virtue of his belief that wealth should be spread around, regardless of contribution, effort, production, or anything else. The non-believing plumbing-business owner is going to be forced to convert, whether he wants to or not, regardless of what it costs him.

Ironically it’s likely to cost a couple of people jobs that the business owner won’t be able to add. It may lead to a new job for some accountant who can figure out how to make a $500k business look like it’s only bringing in $225k. So we’ve got that job market possibility. Jesting, of course. But the overall costs to society are not the concern of the secular theocrats. They’re right, so it must somehow fit into the plan.



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