Do these political ads really work?

Nebraska’s 2nd district is apparently within reach for the Democrats this year. I’m fairly new to this area, but I take it this is not Jim Esch’s first crack at the seat held by Lee Terry. Now you should know Lee Terry has all the charisma of taupe walls in the break room. He has a face for radio and a voice for silent movies. I’m not sure what if anything has distinguished his congressional career, but since I’m new to the area that’s not revealing much about Lee Terry.

What kills me, though, is Esch’s ads where he’s sitting at a table with several elderly people sitting around it on the sides and behind him. He’s looking at the camera, intoning about the financial crisis and the claim that Terry wants to privatize Social Security. He, however, will protect it. So there’s the dichotomy, apparently, privatize Social Security or protect it.

Is that the same protection scheme the Democrats have engaged in for the past 30 years that has the system headed toward insolvency in the near future? Thanks, Jim, for offering to protect that for me. Don’t give me the opportunity to keep the money the government is confiscating and plan for my own future. Keep taking it, spending it on current accounts, and guaranteeing it’ll be insolvent when I retire.

I’m in the generation that has never expected Social Security to factor into my retirement. Well, some of my generation at least. I’m sure there are plenty blithley planning on that few hundred bucks a month at 62. But that’s on them. I’d be pleased to have more to contribute to my own retirement besides what I already have to set aside from my current take home pay. Feeling like I’m being robbed every month for a program that will be broke in a few years ticks me off. Then people like Jim Esch try to make me believe the government can protect the program for me when people like him have been kicking the can year after year for the past 30. Who really believes that anymore? How can an ad like that be expected to work? Yet it’s on the air here pretty often. It’s nonsense, but maybe it really does work.


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