The conservative case for Obama

according to Christopher Buckleyseems to be based on the following points: 1) he doesn’t like Sarah Palin, and 2) he doesn’t like the negative campaign the McCain ticket has engaged in. So even though Buckley believes John McCain is still conservative and is the type of person the country needs as a leader, he’s not going to vote for him because, um, he doesn’t want to associate himself with people like Sarah Palin and people who care about the character and judgement of a major party candidate.

But wait a minute, that’s just the explanation for why he’s not voting for McCain (or Palin, more probably). The conservative case for Obama is that he’s cool, went to Harvard, and wrote two books. Buckley grants the Harvard degree is unlikely to mean anything, and he doesn’t really explain the “first class temperament” criteria. The way he’s tossed people under the bus this year and unleashed his acolytes on anyone who dares exercise their first amendment rights in the process of criticizing him seems somewhat intemperate to me. But of course, I went to a state university and think Sarah Palin is tough and smart, so clearly I’m no judge of character.

Buckley relies on the temperament and intellect criteria as the basis for his hope that throughout his campaign Obama has been saying things he doesn’t really believe, or if he does believe them, once he sits down in the Oval Office and sees the world from that vantage point he’ll realize the nonsense that he’s been saying during the campaign, that he’s acted out during his political career, and will govern as a thrifty, pro-business, small government president.

I think I see why deep down Christopher Buckley realized no one gives a fig. More here from Ace.


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