Political philosophy

I suppose I have one somewhere, but whether it can be clearly articulated is another question. One thing I’m sure of is that government needs to be kept as small and as inobtrusive as possible. George Will summed up the role of government on the Colbert Report  as “deliver the mail, defend the shores, and get out of the way.” That’ll do for a start.

One thing that’s wrong with the world at this point is that there are very few people in positions of influence who have that perspective. The choice for in the U.S. at this point seems to be whether government will get bigger fast under the Republicans or slightly faster under the Democrats. And that was before the recent $700-$850 billion buyout plan passed this fall.

I don’t know enough about the financial workings of the system of the world to know whether something had to be done or not. If what had to be done was anything like what was done, there’s a lot more wrong with the world than I thought this summer.


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